Wednesday, 12 September 2012

It's character building..

Well by calculations I have about 15 days left with my lovely, lovely cintiq so i've been trying to rinse it as much as I can in the services of portfolio development. 

I always sketch out characters in my sketchbook, or on my notebooks, receipts etc. but I seldom push myself to render and produce finished pieces, so here's some new stuff.

 I've been working alongside some pretty talented art folk these past few months and that's goaded me to do some new character work. I'm hoping to continue the series with a few pieces of a nautical nature, I'm trying to avoid going too 'piratical' in my designs, so hoping future images in this series will be a bit more early 20th century in their influences.

Definitely drawing from games such as (the lovely) Bastion with this one, in content, style and colour palette (starting out as a learning exercise) but things are developing into more of a fusion of my own style which is gratifying. More should be appearing up here or on the Portfolio site in due course, so i'm hoping there will be some noticeable improvement over time...

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