Thursday, 9 August 2012

New project whooo....

Ok so I've been pretty wrapped up in work and changing country etc. Fun but well, a bit mad.

 Finally,  I've been able to get some drawings toward a new project of my own, basically it's 'Where's Wally' style image as part of a comic project i'm hoping to develop in whatever stolen moments I have over the next few months...  Basically I have a very large digital canvas and each day or so I add another section of detail to until its basically crawling with stuff (or my computer explodes)

Detail bits...

 I've been experimenting with thickness of line and creating a super detailed piece thats not too precious, it's changing as I go but there's obvious (or should that be blatant?) influences from the likes of Scott.C and a touch of Raymond Briggs about things...

Key thing for me right now is not to dwell on things too long, I'm really enjoying playing with soft lines at different thicknesses, and with stain textures - a habit that I learned in GSCE art class, not sure if it was just my teacher's peculiar (or staff room coffee addiction) but any drawing smothered in coffee stain was almost guaranteed an A, and I guess I'm totally just seeking such approval in adulthood.

More to follow in coming weeks! (don't quote me on that one)

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