Thursday, 8 November 2012

Update the blog why don't I...

Ok so it's been a while...

I've had a few projects on these past few weeks, filling the gap between finishing my last full-time position, and starting my next which will be later this month. It's been fun doing some freelance stuff again, and I've been super busy with life, applications etc., and now I'm taking a bit of a break, which after a hectic 6 months is quite, quite appreciated.

 The main plus has been getting on with drawing and painting for its own sake which has been great fun, I've been able to check out Dublin's 'Dead Zoo' for some sketching and also decided to update my blog image a bit (I never liked the old one much) detail above.

Kind of a homage to the wonderfully brilliant Adventure Time, and of course adventure game backdrops, i've been following the Doublefine kickstarter and have just finished Aminita Design's (quite wonderful) Machinarium, which I think must have brought out a hankering for adventure.

Anyway more news to follow soon!

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