Monday, 6 May 2013

Ipad paintin'

Been able to get hold of a sensu brush and have been playing with sketchbook pro, It's great to be able to do photoshop style paints in front of the telly or a spare moment. Bush is better than the stylus that's for sure - still a lot of opacity changes as it's not pressure sensative. (it's still no cintiq but it's made it easuier for me to use sketchbook pro on the pad)

A quick study from some one else's image - I was liking the red/orangess in the skin.

Did this guy while watching the Snooker over the bank holiday at my parents as a sport it provides much time for drawing. (I think it's got a slight bit of Stapley/Scott C vibe going on here which I like) I have no significant interest or understanding about the sport beyond "Gosh, that was quite clever" but I just love the TV format, especially all the close up shots they do of men trying to figure out really hard angles...seems pretty surreal and comic to me. Will try and revisit as a theme I hope!

1 comment:

  1. Nice stuff Mister Beakes!Quite fauvist on the colour there!