Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Post Thought Bubble Post!

Man I almost forgot to say how awesome Thought Bubble actually was!

Had such a great time and although I was definitely a touch nervous at the start of day one (not really knowing quite what to expect) by the Sunday I was chatting on to everyone!

My view from 39b

Being my first time at a con and behind a table I was a little pre-occupied to catch everything and everyone on my list,  but it was still inspiring to see so much amazing work from passionate people. Definitely love to make this an annual event! (need to return to this post to add a photo of my swag)

a *slightly* jaded me on Sunday morning

Also I was super pleased to show my first comic 'Stamp' to people, got some really positive responses and as if that wasn't enough, I was delighted to get a mention on the Forbidden Planet blog which can be found here

Being primarily a game artist on other peoples products (which is still pretty cool) I can totally recommenced events like Thought Bubble to any artist who may want to do more personal work, the feeling you get from just doing something and taking it along is really encouraging!  

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