Friday, 14 November 2014

Thought Bubble 2014, I present 'STAMP' !

I'm really excited to have my first comic printed, in time for Thought Bubble! It's been a goal of mine for sometime now, and I have a small run of 'Stamp' which I will be taking along on the 15th and 16th of November! 

I'll be on table 39b in the Ne Dock Hall (special thanks to Lucien Hoare who's table I'm occupying in his absence)  Please come and say hi!

First time I've had work printed as a book, and I must admit I've made a few schoolboy errors, but the overall feel and story is pretty rough anyway and my natural style isn't that tidy so it's not such a problem this time round. As ever there's plenty to learn through doing! (Next time's gonna be awesome.)

Really pleased I was able to convert some of stamp designs into stickers - really pleasing transferring digital art into the physical

 I'd wanted to create a book of my work for sometime but after some thought, I really didn't just want to have a portfolio style book, I wanted to bring a comic that was it's own thing and separate from my other professional work in video games. It's a small story about the Autumn, dissatisfaction, and surreal escapism. With stickers.

It's far from fully developed but I'm really glad I'm able to share with people!

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