Friday, 28 December 2018

Inktober 2018

Inktober has been becoming a more regular thing for me these past few years, and this year was a touch different for me in that I set myself a few more restrictions than usual, which resulted in some more consistent results and meant I was able to compile them a lot more concisely than in the past. Additionally I had signed up for the Dundee Zine Fest which leant a definite deadline for completing and compiling my drawings together in a booklet format.

Hot on the heels of returning from THU in Malta, I came back feeling enthused, and just a tad daunted at just how much I needed to improve my work and practices -this year my goal was to use copic markers, and restricted to the back of drinks coaster. These were much smaller than the previous years (A3) and so much quicker to schedule into each day. Quite quickly the notion of having them as sequential panels came about, kinda random, but good fun!

Had a cool wee booklet I could take to the Zine event too :)

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