Monday, 19 March 2012

Biro doodlin'

Phew! Been a bit of a mad week, mainly pre-occupied with interviews for a couple of positions, both contract and full-time. Has been a great experience (as it's always nice to be asked) but I've spent the past week and a half either prepping for interviews, or travelling to and from meetings... Anyway due to this madness I was massively enjoying having a Sunday reading the paper and doodling in the sketchbook, while listening to some old 90's compilation tapes and drinking coffee. Definitely should do this more often...Life permitting.

I love biros for drawing they really occupy a place between pencil and ink for me, great for construction like a pencil, with some of the permanence of ink. I suppose the flip side is that the biro ink is slightly iridescent so doesn't scan so well, and it's never as crisp and clear, but for sketching I think they're brill. I think i'm going to experiment on scanning and seeing what I can push with biro sketches in Photoshop.

Fun game: take the Sunday paper pick a few faces, from the sickeningly aspirational lifestyle sections. Turn them into monsters/mythical beast!

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