Thursday, 29 March 2012

League of Extreme Gentlemen

Introducing the 'League of Extreme Gentlemen' , an international team of gentlemen Snow Boarders, Base-Jumpers, Parkour specialists. Fully able to take things 'to the Max' (providing there are no ladies present, and everyone is in appropriate attire... )

They may also use their Mad Skillz in defence of Queen and country, and to defend the right minded people of western Europe from the threat of the anarchistic machinations of miss Pankhurst and her kind... Nothing will get between the Gentlemen, and their mission to live fast and die young, while entirely in upstanding male company.


Not even Bromide can stifle this Bromance!

an old sketch I dusted off, primarily as I wanted to brush up on using pen tool shape artwork in Photoshop, I guess it's not true vector art, but sure is less faffy than Illustrator. Quite like how it turned out, original biro sketch below:


  1. Its like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen crossed with something else.......that I cant remember.....It just escapes me....

  2. Hmmmm... I'll have a think on and get back to you if anything comes to mind...